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order of red feather newsletter


The Order of the Red Feather is a special membership organization within the Fordney Club, established to generate funds that support student athletic activities across the county.  Ten underprivileged children whose parents otherwise would have not been able to pay for their little league fees will experience what it means to be a team member this summer…..A young girl will realize her dream of learning to ride horses in the equestrian arena….Several local high school athletic teams will sport new uniforms next season.……..the list of needs goes on! To find out more about the order or to join - click here for the flyer 

Our youth are the future of our communities within Saginaw County, who will become the leaders of our cities, townships, and villages.  


red feather in your cap


From the Journal of Physical Education- In today’s society there are many extracurricular activities available to young children. Youth sports provide many positive effects that can last a lifetime.  Athletic activities bring immense enjoyment and positive feelings within children.  Playing youth sports can help with living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, creating positive self-esteem, and avoiding harmful demises. In today's society it has become more and more typical for young children ranging from ages four to seventeen to sit around all day watching television.  This inactive lifestyle is contributing to the onset of obesity at an increasingly early age.  Children who experience being so overweight causes low self-esteem, and depression in children. Playing sports helps kids to become more active and helps build long lasting friendships while also promoting discipline.  Not only does youth sports provide an outlet for aggression and a daily balance of much needed exercise, but physical play during infancy and early childhood is central to the development of social and emotional competence says Laura Egendorf (2009).